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Two recent posts on the Thumbtack Engineering blog. How to improve A/B testing with Mixpanel “We enjoy using Mixpanel and enjoy A/B testing. In this post we show how to use Mixpanel’s API and our own open-sourced A/B testing statistics package to easily create A/B tests in Mixpanel.” Know your latency: a simple hack using […]

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Food Rules for Startups

Thumbtack eats amazing food, but it’s not by accident. Eating lunch together is the single most important culture-building activity we do. Some of the rules include “Have a weekly all-hands dinner”, “Hire a chef”, and “Don’t buy vending machines.” Building a healthy food culture keeps everyone happy and healthy. Read the full story.

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Designing with Forces

A great talk about Christopher Alexander’s Notes on the Synthesis of Form.

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Cartographer.js Updates

A few quick notes regarding the latest release of Cartographer.js. Cartographer has an official Twitter channel. Follow @cartographerjs for updates. The latest version has full support for Internet Explorer (tested in IE 6+). The latest version also sports substantial speed improvements and should be easier to extend in the future.

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