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Visualizing Radiohead’s Kid A

Everything In Its Right Place

Visualizations show relative pitch strength across the duration of the song. Colors scheme is derived from the Kid A album cover. Song analysis by Echo Nest via the Echo Nest Remix toolkit. Rendering was done with PyCairo.

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Steve Reich, Pulses

Steve Reich - "Pulses", visualized with Python and the Echo Nest API

Steve Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians. The first section, “Pulses” is visualized above using custom Python scripts. Analysis of the music is provided by the Echo Nest API. [audio:|loader=0x9900ff] See also, Song Visualizations with Echo Nest.

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Song Visualizations with Echo Nest

Philip Glass String Quartet #5, 2nd Movement

We recently came across Anita Lillie’s beautiful music visualization and MusicBox projects. The music visualization project was especially intriguing to us, since it was the only music visualization project we’d seen that did not require video playback—the visualizations were strictly in 2D. Unfortunately, the source code for Lillie’s visualizations was not available, so we decided […]

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Arvo Pärt

Estonian composer Arvo Pärt’s Tabula Rasa surprises us for its apparent simplicity yet forceful emotional content. Tabula Rasa features two violins, piano, and orchestra. Linked here is the 4th section.

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