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Artist Portfolio

Cosmos 4

Please visit my artist portfolio website to view recent paintings.

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Do More and Make Less with GNU Make and Less.js


This post on Thumbtack’s engineering blog is a walkthrough of how we think about Make for production CSS. We specifically address the issue of correctly, efficiently, and automatically managing the @import dependency chain in Less files.

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Migration Patterns – Backbone and Angular

Origami Butterflies

I gave a tech talk at Thumbtack regarding migration patterns when porting Backbone JavaScript applications to Angular. Full talk and transcript.

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Eating for Education

Eating for Education

The Chez Panisse Foundation is supporting an initiative to make good, local food a part of every school: the Edible Schoolyard. The first edible schoolyard was established at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School in Berkeley, and it has proven to be radically successful. This summer, the Foundation is spreading awareness about the program […]

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Designing with Forces

A great talk about Christopher Alexander’s Notes on the Synthesis of Form.

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The Design of Design

In the tradition of  Notes on the Synthesis of Form, Frederick Brooks takes aim at the problem facing every engineer and designer: how do you architect and build a complex system? The question is especially pertinent to computer scientists and programmers. Included here are a few notes and observations from the book.

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Walk or Bus? iPhone app

Walk or Bus? iPhone app

Our popular Walk or Bus¬†chart is now an iPhone application. The app allows you to enter a travel distance as well as the time until the next bus, and the application will estimate whether you could travel faster by walking or by waiting for the bus. All estimates can be tweaked to match your walking speed, your city’s average block size, and bus speeds.

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Robot hand holding a plastic straw

We are impressed especially by the delicacy of movement and interaction these robots must possess. See more pictures.

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