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Automatic Generation of Transit Maps

London trains and metro map, 1874

Jonathan Stott’s thesis Automatic Layout of Metro Maps Using Multicriteria Optimisation (PDF) is a comprehensive look at the state-of-the-art of automatic transit map generation. The premise: start with a geographic map of subway or transit stations and lines, then convert this map into an abstract yet informative representation of the transit system akin to those […]

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Subway Map of the Web

Web Trends Startpage shows websites as if they were the Tokyo subway

Following up on our earlier post about the Tokyo subway map, the Information Architects Web Trends Startpage is a clever mashup of the subway map metaphor with the standard start-page. Authors of this map have manually categorized and located some of the web’s most popular sites into color-coded lines and stations. Especially interesting is the […]

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Tokyo Subway Map

Tokyo subway map

The very elegant Tokyo subway map. Cities are inherently complex, and transit-map publishers face a dizzying set of challenges if they wish to produce a readable but accurate representation of a transit system. The designers of this map deserve particular credit for organizing and clarifying what is necessarily a sprawling collection of subway lines and […]

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