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The Ebstorf Mappamundi – map of the 13th c. Christian World

The Ebstorfer mappamundi, map of the Christian World in the 13th century overlaid with an image of Christ. (click for high resolution)

The Ebstorf mappamundi was drawn in 13th century Saxony and depicts the Christian worldview within the body of a crucified Christ. The map illustrates both the “known world” as well as significant landmarks and points of interest for the curious pilgrim.

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Area Scaled Map from 1930 – Markets are People

Markets are People, published 1930 by Printer

“Markets are People” is a beautifully drawn map. It uses area-distortion to show population at both the state and city level. This is the first map we have seen that uses the area-distortion method at two resolutions. The effect is visually accurate, highly readable, and offers deeper insight into the data than similar maps that offer only one level of detail.

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Automatic Generation of Transit Maps

London trains and metro map, 1874

Jonathan Stott’s thesis Automatic Layout of Metro Maps Using Multicriteria Optimisation (PDF) is a comprehensive look at the state-of-the-art of automatic transit map generation. The premise: start with a geographic map of subway or transit stations and lines, then convert this map into an abstract yet informative representation of the transit system akin to those […]

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