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Rotary Maps – Realtime mapping in Google Maps

Rotary Maps powering the Thumbtack realtime dashboard

Cross-posted from the Thumbtack engineering blog. I recently released an open-source mapping toolkit called Rotary Maps that helps you make realtime maps on top of Google Maps v2 or v3. It also supports making maps in a simple DOM element if you don’t care for Google Maps. Check out the full post at the Thumbtack […]

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Mapping US Counties with Cartographer.js

Map of California County Populations produced with Cartographer.js

The most recent release of Cartographer.js supports county-level choropleth maps. This was the number one requested feature for Cartographer and I am delighted to finally be able to offer it in an official package. Counties are stored with efficient polygon encoding, and are easily referenced by name.

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Tweemap – Mapping Twitter Followers

A tool to map your Twitter followers. Tweemap shows up to 10,000 followers for any given user. The Google Maps Javascript API provides core mapping utilities, and the Twittervision API was used for geocoding.

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