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A Map with a Purpose: Bruges in 1562

The 1562 map of Bruges by Marcus Gerards

Cartography is subjective. This is a well-known fact borne out year after year, map after map. The early Christian church sponsored T-O maps that showed the world as a metaphorical “body” of Christ. Automotive companies funded city maps from the mid-20th century that plainly showed highways and boulevards with rail and tram lines in diminished […]

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The Ebstorf Mappamundi – map of the 13th c. Christian World

The Ebstorfer mappamundi, map of the Christian World in the 13th century overlaid with an image of Christ. (click for high resolution)

The Ebstorf mappamundi was drawn in 13th century Saxony and depicts the Christian worldview within the body of a crucified Christ. The map illustrates both the “known world” as well as significant landmarks and points of interest for the curious pilgrim.

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