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Feltron Annual Reports

Map and timeline from the Feltron 2008 Annual Report

Map and timeline from the Feltron 2008 Annual Report

The Feltron Annual Reports are brilliant personal visualizations that describe, one year at a time, the life of Nicholas Felton. He uses an elegant combination of textual manipulation, charts, and diagrams to convey interesting and sometimes trivial facts about his life.

We learn that the subway fees are 93 cents on the mile, compared with 536 cents/mile spent at the gym (unclear whether this is on a treadmill, elliptical, or stationary bike). Bradford Cox, Radiohead, and Daedalus fill out most of the “music heard” pie chart. A set of flags clipped to map sections show us unique locations, and below the maps, a timeline correlates personal life events with global and national affairs.

Annual reports dating back to 2005 are available at

Mar 7, 2009

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