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Artist Portfolio

Cosmos 4

Please visit my artist portfolio website to view recent paintings.

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Do More and Make Less with GNU Make and Less.js


This post on Thumbtack’s engineering blog is a walkthrough of how we think about Make for production CSS. We specifically address the issue of correctly, efficiently, and automatically managing the @import dependency chain in Less files.

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Migration Patterns – Backbone and Angular

Origami Butterflies

I gave a tech talk at Thumbtack regarding migration patterns when porting Backbone JavaScript applications to Angular. Full talk and transcript.

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A Map with a Purpose: Bruges in 1562

The 1562 map of Bruges by Marcus Gerards

Cartography is subjective. This is a well-known fact borne out year after year, map after map. The early Christian church sponsored T-O maps that showed the world as a metaphorical “body” of Christ. Automotive companies funded city maps from the mid-20th century that plainly showed highways and boulevards with rail and tram lines in diminished […]

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Two recent posts on the Thumbtack Engineering blog. How to improve A/B testing with Mixpanel “We enjoy using Mixpanel and enjoy A/B testing. In this post we show how to use Mixpanel’s API and our own open-sourced A/B testing statistics package to easily create A/B tests in Mixpanel.” Know your latency: a simple hack using […]

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Food Rules for Startups

Thumbtack eats amazing food, but it’s not by accident. Eating lunch together is the single most important culture-building activity we do. Some of the rules include “Have a weekly all-hands dinner”, “Hire a chef”, and “Don’t buy vending machines.” Building a healthy food culture keeps everyone happy and healthy. Read the full story.

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Eating for Education

Eating for Education

The Chez Panisse Foundation is supporting an initiative to make good, local food a part of every school: the Edible Schoolyard. The first edible schoolyard was established at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School in Berkeley, and it has proven to be radically successful. This summer, the Foundation is spreading awareness about the program […]

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Rotary Maps – Realtime mapping in Google Maps

Rotary Maps powering the Thumbtack realtime dashboard

Cross-posted from the Thumbtack engineering blog. I recently released an open-source mapping toolkit called Rotary Maps that helps you make realtime maps on top of Google Maps v2 or v3. It also supports making maps in a simple DOM element if you don’t care for Google Maps. Check out the full post at the Thumbtack […]

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Mapping Britain with Telephone Calls

Telephone calls and regional connections in Great Britain

These maps are fascinating. Have you ever wondered why state or county or city boundaries are drawn where they are? It turns out that administrative and government boundaries are consistent with trends in human relationships; that is, people associate most with others in the same government-defined region. To investigate the geography of human relationships, a […]

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Topologies of Linux and E. coli Control Networks

Comparing genomes to computer operating systems in terms of the topology and evolution of their regulatory control networks

A comparison of the Linux call graph hierarchy with the E. coli regulatory network. Researchers at Yale discovered that the Linux control structure is top-heavy, with a few common modules reused often. E coli, by contrast, has limited central control with many specialized “workers” at the bottom of the hierarchy.

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